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Elephant Rescue Park

Thailand is hands-down one of my favorite countries in the world to travel! I could fill a book with insane amounts of content on back-to-back amazing experiences that I have had while traveling there! Being that animal tourism is a huge component of what draws people to taking a trip to Thailand I wanted to shine light on Elephant Rescue Park located in Chiang Mai. Unfortunately, there are many places in Thailand that exploit elephants as well as tigers in the country and do not take care of their animals as well as treat them poorly in order to make money off of tourism. Elephant Rescue Park is NOT one of these places. 

The number one reason I decided to visit Elephant Rescue Park is because all of their programs do not allow you to ride the elephants! Keep in mind that many elephant parks throughout Thailand advertise themselves as being humane but still allow you to ride the elephants which overtime causes physical damage to the animals. After many years of giving entire families multiple rides a day on their backs, many elephants suffer from back and spine issues, physical deterioration, and early causes of death. If you are looking for the most humane place to visit elephants in Thailand it is Elephant Rescue Park. This is a non-ride park that has a small amount of elephants (maybe 3-5) living on a huge plot of land and they have the freedom to walk through the hills of Chiang Mai, bathe in natural swimming pools, and are taken care of by Mahouts (the most important human/guardian in an elephants life). 

Elephant Rescue Park is a sanctuary for homeless and abused elephants that mostly come from bigger cities in Thailand where they have been exploited by humans and forced to beg for money in places like circuses. Their main objective is "to provide a safe, loving, and secure environment for these magnificent animals". Elephant rescue park is supported through donations, various fundraising projects, and adoption programs available to anyone wishing to help! The best part about the visit is that they will educate you entirely on animal tourism in Thailand, problems with animal abuse specific to elephants in the country, and show you what they are doing to provide a safe and healthy place for these abused elephants to recover and live! 

My boyfriend Jeremy and I spent a half-day with Elephant Sanctuary and we loved it! We were picked up from our hotel in Chiang Mai and driven out to the park with one other family and a couple of other tourists to spend the day. They started our journey with an educational session followed up with the opportunity to feed the elephants breakfast by hand! We then spent the afternoon hiking the surrounding hillside with the elephants by our side and the views were spectacular! One of the most gorgeous places I have seen in Southeast Asia! We also got to swim with the elephants in their natural watering hole and we helped brush and bathe them. Afterwards we were provided with a home-cooked Thai meal and they accommodated us with Vegan options! Showers and clothes were provided with our stay and a ride back to our hotel was also given. I would recommend this place to anyone wishing to take a HUMANE trip to see elephants in Thailand! I am happy to make the connection with the coordinator as well as give information about the park for anyone interested in going! 


Address: 24 Ratchamanka Rd, Phra Singh,Chiangmai
Tel & Fax: 053-273124
Mobile: 096-5939289 , 096-9794653
Email: elephantrescuepark@gmail.com , anusara_54@hotmail.com
Facebook : Elephant Rescue Park





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