Why Travel?

World Travel is one of my biggest life passions. Nothing is more exciting then looking forward to a trip as well as the experience of being somewhere completely different than what I am used to in Los Angeles. I started traveling at a very young age with my family locally as well as many trips to Mexico - one of my favorite countries - and in my adult life I have made goals to travel to different countries and was able to visit 13 countries in 2017 alone! One of my dearest life friends, Andrea, has been traveling the world pretty much her entire life and has been one of my biggest inspirations in paving the way to show that travel is POSSIBLE! If you want to do something - DO IT! When I began to travel my mind opened to how beautiful the rest of the world is, how valued time spent with family & friends is in different cultures (especially in Europe & Asia), and it also was astonishing to see how a lot of people in other countries TRAVEL OFTEN. Unfortunately in the United States we are set up in a way that we LIVE to WORK and in other places I noticed people WORKING to LIVE. Totally different lifestyles. I strive to find a way in the United States to allow my work to give me freedom to live my life the way that I want to live  keeping in mind that I am always willing to work hard at what I do in order to take time off. Travel has enriched my life, opened my mind, and given me friends all over the globe. So far I have visited many places in The United States of America, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, The Czech Republic, England, France, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, and The Netherlands. My intention is to express my experiences and what I have taken from each of these places on this platform as well as document my experiences to come. My goal is to take Yoga all over the world and share it with everyone I come in contact with in any way, shape, or form! I hope you enjoy the ride and always remember that any goal is obtainable with the right mindset and desire to do it!


Thomas Harris